The Black Dog Has Been Sleeping


Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was posting about the new year and January has left us already.

What I have found interesting is that when writing a blog about my thoughts and experiences on mental health, quite a few people seem to worry when you don’t write regularly, or when you say you are going to.

Rest assured, I am alive and pretty well.

I have about 3,273 ideas for posts running through my head at any one time and working out which to share does my head in… more than usual!

So, what do we have coming up (order to be determined on a whim)…

  • The philosophy that is helping me
  • Lessons in goal setting
  • Sharing some of my goals
  • We are writing a book
  • One Boy’s Story – my adoption story  written over 20 years ago
  • Other popular pieces from earlier blogs and more

So, I will be back soon to give you more thought provoking and hopefully helpful and/or entertaining writing.





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